Production Lines

Why Us?

Emin Mekatronik, we serve in the trimming-beading machine and mold manufacturing sector. We serve many sectors, especially white goods, automotive, medical industry. We are engaged in sheet metal working machines, production line design and production, mold manufacturing.

We design and manufacture machinery in line with the needs of many of our customers, including our domestic production industry and multinational companies. These needs can sometimes be industry-based standard trimming and beading machines, as well as machines specific to the production processes of our customers. We manufacture production lines and equipment specifically for the process, including Automatic, Semi-Automatic, Inline Type and Single Systems, that our customers need.

The machines we produce perform cutting, trimming, edge forming, flanging, rolling, beading, punching and folding operations on the skirt (excess) parts of the products processed in sheet metal molds (plastered, cut, folded). Round and non-round parts, pressed and extruded parts, parts with a material thickness of 8mm and a length of 2000mm are the areas where our processes are used.

As Emin Mekatronik, the most important factor that separates us from our competitors is; We design and manufacture all processes from design to manufacturing, from automation to hardware, with our experienced and expert teams, with optimum cost and technology.


We follow the international developing technology closely and present it to our customers.

High Speed and Capacity

More efficient and faster processing power with advanced hardware and equipment.


To provide high quality by combining industry-accepted brands and products with our designs.

High Technological Production

The manufacturing, assembly and testing of the parts produced with precision on CNC benches are provided by our experienced technical team.

10+ Years of Experience

Our staff specialized in Design, Production and Automation.

Continuous Development

We produce the machinery and automation systems that the industry needs with innovative and completely national values.