Mold Design and Production

Our expert staff closely follows the rapidly developing technology in the sector in order to provide better quality and faster service. We know that every innovation will enable us to reach our goal faster and at once. This process from product design to mold design and from mold design to mold delivery is followed with great care. We know that this process is a necessary process for us to provide the highest quality and fastest service to our customers.

Before starting the mold design, the moldability analysis of the part is prepared and the design strategy is determined, tearing, stress, stress analyzes and tolerances of the part to be produced are checked. The preliminary design of the mold is carried out in the computer environment, taking into account the information texts on the technical drawing and the features of the product to be produced. Afterwards, the finished preliminary design is shared with the customer.

After the design of the mold is completed according to the feedback from the customer, the file is prepared for production and the production begins.

  • Progressive Mold

  • Transfer Mold

  • Cutting and Forming Mold

General Features


We achieve high quality by combining industry-accepted brands and products, steel with our designs.

+ 20 Years of Experience

Our staff specialized in Design and Production in the sheet metal molding industry.


The manufacturing, assembly and testing of the parts produced with precision on CNC benches are provided by our experienced technical team.